A BLETCHLEY Park veteran residing in Flintshire will celebrate her 100th birthday this month with her nearest and dearest.

Dorcas Jones will celebrate her 100th birthday on September 27, being one of only a few remaining veterans alive who worked in Bletchley Park during the war. 

Originally from Ffrith, Wrexham, Dorcas now resides at Marleyfield Care Home in Buckley. She attended Mold County Grammar School and enjoyed outdoor sports as a youngster.

The Leader:

She was proficient in maths and worked in the finance department of the Royal Ordinance Factory at Marchwiel, Wrexham. It was while she was employed here that she was approached for an interview to do 'her bit' in the war effort. 

Dorcas attended the interview and was later sent a train ticket from Wrexham to Bletchley in the post. Little did she know, that a very strange and exciting but extremely secretive adventure was about to begin.

Dorcas was told not to tell anyone about her work and stayed with a family, originally from Johnstown, Wrexham, who treated her as one of their own during her time at Bletchley. She even spotted Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill during a visit he made to the Park.

The Leader: Dorcas on her 21st birthdayDorcas on her 21st birthday (Image: Alun Jones)

In June 1944, Dorcas remembers the activity being very intense with messages coming in thick and fast, learning afterwards that this marked the D-Day landing and opening up the Second Front against the Germans. Her role was to collect messages that dropped from a tube and make use of a code to transcribe it. 

Unfortunately, Dorcas had to leave shortly after due to the sad passing of her sister-in-law during childbirth. As she walked through the gates one last time, an officer said to her: "Forget you ever came to a place called Bletchley Park."

In 2009, Dorcas received her certificate in recognition of her work following the ban on speaking about it being lifted. She is one of only few of the veterans still alive today.

She married Ivor Jones in 1948 and had three wonderful sons together, Alun, Hugh and Wyn. She said she loves her children and is happiest amongst them.

Carers at the home are organising a party for Dorcas on her birthday to share with other residents and friends. 

Her family is also organising a celebration to mark such a special occasion on the 24th. Dorcas also has five grandchildren and three great-granddaughters who can't wait to be together to mark such a joyous milestone. 


Alun Jones, Dorcas's son, said: "[Mum] and Dad were married for 42 happy years and I can't ever remember them arguing over anything.

"She has always been kind to others and was there for everyone. She loved partying and hosted many events at her home where she was very happy."

Dorcas said: "I've had a good and happy life. I wouldn't change anything and I couldn't have had more attention had I'd have had three girls!"