FURTHER information has been released regarding a go-slow protest on the A55 and A483 in North Wales this weekend.

Anti-20mph protestors are planning to travel at 30mph across the A55 and A483 in Wrexham at 10am on Saturday morning.

Convoys of cars will be driving from Sainsbury's roundabout in Wrexham along the A483 and A55 up to Bangor. A convoy will also be travelling in the opposite direction. 

There will also be a similar protest taking place on the M4 in South Wales. 

Organisers of the protest say that four convoys will be setting off simultaneously are to travel in single file - so to not block all lanes. 

A spokesperson for the organisers said: "Convoys are to travel in single file with hazards in use. Vehicles are to give way to those joining or leaving roads.

"We recommend vehicles rotate and take turns as lead vehicles along the route. People will join and leave the protest along the routes, please bear this in mind. Please stay within the law."