A GO-SLOW protest is planned to take place on the A55 and A483 this weekend. 

It is in protest to the new 20mph scheme, with drivers taking part to drive at 30mph between the A483 in Wrexham and the A55 Menai Bridge. 

Organisers say there will be people driving at the slow speed in both directions from 10am on Saturday (September 30). 

The planned protest has been met with mixed reaction among people. Some are against the idea - seeing it as being like a "Just Stop Oil protest". 

One person said: "This really won't affect Drakeford and his cronies let's be fair - it will just possibly annoy motorists who are already annoyed even more so."

Another added: "As much as I support action, with the ignorance of certain elected individuals I’m not sure a motorway protest will do much but lose support for the cause as it’s the general public being impacted as opposed to the Senedd.

"A road block around the bay on a day they are in session or protest outside may be better placed. Ultimately it’s the ballot box that is the protest."


Others say that "something has to be done". One person said: "It is meant to be a peaceful protest to get the point across to the ministers. It will naturally hold authorities up as well as busy people but what is the alternative? 

"If this was France they would have parked the lorries on the motorways and just left them so doing a slow drive is not too harsh."

Wayne Brooks, the main organiser of the protest, said: "Our leadership has gone too far and isn't listening to the wishes of the nation - it's undemocratic. 

"It's obviously not going to affect the Welsh Government - this time, it's about making a statement and showing the government this isn't going to go away and be forgotten about anytime soon.

"The more frequent and widespread the protests, eventually they will affect government. Complaining and taking no action is a childish option."

A Welsh Government spokesperson said: “The introduction of a 20mph speed limit in mainly residential areas is designed to save lives and make our communities safer for everyone, including motorists.

"It has been thoroughly researched, voted on in the Senedd and received the backing from a majority of Senedd Members. There has been extensive consultation and it has been trialled in communities across Wales."