ISSUES with ticketing machines are persisting at a Wrexham car park which residents have began to avoid all together.

The Island Green car park has become infamous in recent times for people receiving fines, when in many cases, they feel they have been wrongly given one.

The issue has grown to the point where businesses say they are missing out on customers as people are too afraid to park there.

Wilko and Asda Living have both closed their stores there recently and local MS' Lesley Griffiths Ken Skates are continuing to try and address the parking issue with Euro Car Parks, who are in charge of the car park.

But, problems are persisting there, with drivers still being wrongly fined due to, they say, the ticketing machine not working properly.

In March of this year, the Leader spoke to residents who had been 'unfairly' fined and they also raised concerns over the effects of the fines on business at Island Green.


Earlier this week, resident Anna Dempsey contacted us to tell her of her recent experiences at the car park.

Her story shows that the ticketing issues are continuing at the site, despite the efforts of MS' to address the situation.

Anna said: "They have sent me a fine for parking without a properly printed ticket. The ticket has missed off the two letters DU in the number plate at the beginning.  They intend to fine me £100. However, I do not see why I should pay for the malfunction of their parking machine.

"People were having a lot of problems with the machines the day I went.

I will contend with Euro Parks over this, they are an organisation that should be investigated as they never waive the fines and send out the letters by the slowest postal service. Mine took a week to get here and I have two weeks to pay the lower fine. If there is a dispute they make you pay the higher fee.

"It's not an appropriate way to conduct business . I have had problems with them.before."

Issues surrounding parking fines have been ongoing for a number of years at Island Green.

The car park uses automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras to read number plates as cars enter and exit the car park.

However, the ticket machine has been reported several times to miss off bits of people's number plates, resulting in them facing a fine.

Euro Car Parks have been approached for a response.