ISLAND Green businesses say they are missing out on customers due to the ongoing parking issues causing concern among Wrexham residents.

Problems have persisted at Island Green, a privately operated retail park, for several years, with customers now admitting they will not shop there until the issue is resolved. 

It comes as the Asda Living store on Island Green closed its doors in July, and today sees the final day of trading for the Wilko store

The conduct of Euro Car Park Limited has been questioned several times by residents and Members of the Senedd, Lesley Griffiths and Ken Skates, over claims of “unfair” fines being handed out to users of the car park at the retail site.

The Leader: Smyths opened in November, 2022.Smyths opened in November, 2022. (Image: Megan Donoher)

The Leader spoke to business managers in Island Green to see how the parking situation was affecting their stores. This came after a recent post was shared on the Wrexham Town Matters Facebook page encouraging people to visit the 'Next Outlet' store that opened in the retail park in February this year. Customers admitted to either not knowing the store existed or avoiding it because they refuse to park there. 

Next Outlet manager, Vicky Cossins, said customers regularly complain about the parking complications when entering the store. 

Speaking to the Leader, she said: "A lot of people come in and complain about the parking. Stores like Primark don't have a car park but customers manage to get to that store much easier. It's difficult for us being in Island Green because we're associated with the recent parking complications.

"Before it was taken over, it used to be packed. It's a shame because it is the most convenient place to park for our store."

Next is hoping to speak to ECP to extend the free parking allocation to 30 minutes to allow customers enough time to use Click and Collect, which is a successful system for shopping centre Eagles Meadow. 

Chris Williams, Smyths Manager, said: "The locals are terrified of this car park and sometimes 20 minutes free-parking is not enough time to collect a big order, especially in the run up to Christmas when the queues are longer than normal.

"As a store, we assist in fitting car seats, and I constantly find myself walking what feels like miles to reach a customer's car because they refuse to park outside the shop in case of being falsely fined.

"It is making customers very agitated when they come into our store and it's a real shame it can't be resolved."

Chris Topping, Poundland Manager, said he has noticed a "gradual decline" in customers coming to the retail park for a few years.

He said: "If you go back five-years, you'd struggle to get a spot. Now, you can come here on a Friday afternoon in peak times and you're spoilt for choice with parking spaces."

Many Wrexham residents voiced an opinion on the matter on the social post, including Nick Andrews who said: "Sadly, there is a knock-on effect to the extortion being exerted by the parking company who operate at Island Green."


Hayley Maggs said: "Why punish the shops because of one dodgy car park when there are plenty of others around town?"

Brena John was surprised to see a Next Outlet in Island Green during her most recent trip into town and said: "I never go to Island Green now due to being worried of being falsely fined."

Similarly, Shell Evans said: "Unfortunately, I won't be going there either unless they sort the parking issues. I've not been to Island Green for years because of it."

Euro Car Parks have been contacted for a response.