PARENTS in Wrexham are raising concerns following a cut in disability support funding in the area. 

The 'Rainbow Funding' which allows children with disabilities access to one-to-one support, was made available by the council to support parents. 

However, recently a number of parents have been informed that the funding is no longer available, with worries and concerns over finances growing. 

Sarah Hughes has a young son Harry who has autism and attends Alexandra Assessment Centre. 


The funding allowed Harry to have the one to one support in after-school club, due to Sarah's work commitments. 

Now she faces uncertainty over the support Harry can get, Sarah said: "After informing me Harry can no longer have the funding, I am now expected to pay for the one-to-one for him on top of the hourly rate which I already do pay for.

"I simply can not afford to do this and I will have to give up my job in order to care for him. This funding is vital for me to go to work and without it, I simply cannot do so.

"It's going to have a massive impact on not only me and my son’s well-being but also every other family that has a child with disabilities that also uses this service.

"It's worrying that this awful thing is happening to our children and working families of Wrexham, who cannot afford to pay for both."

Another parent contacted the Leader to reveal her concerns over the funding being cut. 

They said: "Because of these cuts my daughter will no longer be able to attend her childcare provision, which could have catastrophic effects on us as a family.

"Not only do I have fears surrounding my daughter's regression if she can not attend her childcare, but this will mean that I will not be able to work, this will present a financial burden for us as a family.

"My daughter has developed an incredible bond with her 1-1 and this is going to be taken away from her."

A Wrexham Council spokesperson said: “Rainbow Funding to support parents to access 1-2-1 support has come to an end at present as the grant fund through which this was funded has been fully utilised this financial year. This is as a result of the increased levels of demand.

“We encourage all parents to engage with us to try and identify alternative welfare benefits and funding that can support such care, depending on each families circumstances.”