A town's speed limits and new signage are causing "pure lunacy and mayhem" on the roads, it has been said.

The Leader reported on Tuesday morning how conflicting road signs were causing confusion and anger among motorists in Buckley.

Councillors have been very concerned about the new 20mph rules on the A549 - as the main road itself is signposted as now being a 20mph zone.

But signage when joining from a sideroad has continued to inform motorists that there is a 30mph limit in place on the main road, resulting in motorists obeying two speed limits on the same road.

Readers took to the Leader's Facebook page to have their say on the situation.

Adam Williams said: "This will cost lives. People are now bunched up together on the roads.

"Emergency vehicles won’t be able to pass as it won’t be safe to 5/6 cars - it is pure lunacy and mayhem."

Linda Timmis said: "Think they need to make their minds up. I can see somebody doing 25 as not sure what to do."

Jenni Young said: "At the end of the day, it's not going anywhere in the near future so just put up with it. 

The Leader: The confusing signs on Little Mountain road Buckley and, inset, Cllr PeersThe confusing signs on Little Mountain road Buckley and, inset, Cllr Peers (Image: Cllr Peers)

"I've been doing it in Buckley for the last year and I am against it but at the moment it's in place and we can't do anything about it.

"There shouldn't be any confusion on the roads they are mostly all 20 now so drive at 20."

Anita Morris said: "I have a feeling that people are being deliberately stupid. 

"Possibly because they don't want change? Surely no one can be this confused when they are told IT IS THE LAW never mind what the signs say."

Garry Loundes said: "Everyone is too busy looking at their dashboard and not keeping their eyes on the road."

And Shane Williams said: "Needs to be scrapped altogether," while Lynn Edge posted: "A complete shambles!"

Cllr Mike Peers told the Leader the situation was "a joke."

He added: "We had the pilot in Buckley for 18 months - they could at least have got it right here."