WREXHAM'S MS says promoting responsible dog ownership is a 'priority' for the Welsh Government amid the heated debate over whether or not American XL Bully dogs should be banned in the UK.

Primer Minister of the UK, Rishi Sunak announced that American XL Bully dogs will be banned by the end of the year.

Restrictions will be placed on the breed to “safely manage” them once a ban comes into force.

That comes following a number of recent attacks involving that breed of dog.

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The first step of the move to ban American XL bullies will see police, vets and other experts helping to define the breed.

Then the consultation will take place on the ban which will come in by the end of 2023.

Wrexham MS Lesley Griffiths - who is also the Welsh Government's Rural Affairs Minister - has welcomed the UK Government’s announcement that it is to ban the breed.

The Leader: Lesley Griffiths MSLesley Griffiths MS

Mrs Griffiths revealed that she has written to the government 'over many years' to address the number of incidents involving American XL Bully Breeds.

Wrexham's MS said: "I welcome today’s news that steps are at last  being taken to deal with the American Bully XL dog, following a number of attacks and fatalities. I have written to the UK Government over many years asking them to address the number of incidents involving American XL Bully breeds and to look at how the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 can be improved.

"Just this week, I raised the matter again with the DEFRA Secretary of State and I look forward to seeing the detail of the measures.


"My officials will work closely with UK Government to ensure the ban does not negatively affect public safety, dog welfare or pressure on the wider animal welfare sector.

"Promotion of responsible dog ownership is a priority for the Welsh Government and our Code of Practice for the Welfare of Dogs outlines the obligations on owners to keep their dogs under control. Our Programme for Government includes several measures that will improve standards of dog breeding and keeping in Wales.

"We will continue to keep under constant review what we can do here in Wales to prevent the dangers posed by irresponsible dog ownership, while promoting the benefits that dogs can bring to society."