GROVE Park Theatre welcomes the world's kookiest family with a hugely successful opening night attended by Wrexham's Mayor.

The devilish daughter falling for a polite and respectable young man. What could possibly go wrong?

The Leader: The Addams Family is a night of comedy and catchy musical numbers as their lives are about to change. Love never runs smoothly and this particular union threatens to permanently alter the family dynamics.

The audience is transported straight into the Addams family mansion where we follow Wednesday Addams falling more deeply in love with ordinary boy, Lucas Beineke.

The Leader: Both creepy and comedic value was added and driven by the emotive expressions of the cast who knock out engaging performances. Their synchronisation in the musical numbers particularly makes the performance unforgettable with all dances and moves measured perfectly. 

For me, the costumes and characterisation bring all the excitement as someone who loves the upcoming spooky season and alternative feel that the play achieves so well. The outfits and makeup of the characters are wonderful, staying true to the original designs but with a little added spice and variation to make them stand out even further. 

The cast is a mix of new and familiar faces to Grove Park Theatre. Lauren Jones, Catrin Street-Mattox, Nathan Lloyd and Adam Hodges are joining Grove Park veterans Matthew Richards, Keira James, Leah May Marshall, Dani Holland-Jones, George Williams and George James alongside a multi-talented ensemble of reanimated relatives.


Overall, the production is a brilliantly revised and re-energised version of the hit we all know and love. Grove Park Theatre remains faithful to the original Addams Family image of pure and witty invention.

A special spectator also attended the show's brilliant opening night, the Mayor of Wrexham, Andy Williams. 

The production is running at the Grove Park Theatre, Wrexham, until September, 16, before celebrating its 25th anniversary next year.

Funny, scary and a little dramatic. The show is one for everybody to enjoy, reminding us that different is good.