A North Wales MS has vowed to continue fighting against the 'ridiculous' 20mph speed limit set to be introduced across the country.

On Sunday (September 17) most 30mph speed limits up and down the country are changing to 20mph.

The Welsh Government has said that cutting the speed from 30mph to 20mph on residential roads would protect lives and save the NHS in Wales £92 million a year.

Most roads in Wales that are currently 30mph will become 20mph although councils have discretion to impose exemptions.

The proposals have faced a lot of backlash amongst politicians and members of the public. 

There have been reports of the new signs being defaced in areas including Conwy, Gwynedd, Newport, Torfaen, Wrexham and Flintshire.

Now Mr Rowlands, a harsh critic of the measures which are due to be implemented on Sunday September 17, urged the Welsh Labour Government to reverse their, ill-conceived plan, during a Welsh Conservative debate.

He said: “Welsh Conservatives forced a vote calling for Welsh Parliament to scrap the ridiculous 20mph speed limit after a public opinion clearly showed it was not wanted but once again our pleas fell on deaf ears.


“Over recent months hundreds of people have reached out to express their frustration with Welsh Government’s plans to reduce the default urban speed limit across Wales from 30mph to 20mph.

"I am sure many people will agree 20mph speed limits outside schools, hospital and other roads where there is clear evidence that lower speed limits are backed by the local community but not as a blanket approach and on arterial roads.

“Yesterday's ITV poll showed 66% of Wales disagreed with the new speed limit, and when I surveyed residents in Buckley, where the new speed limit was trialled, 97% of people thought it should be ditched.

“Rest assured I will be supporting my constituents and will continue to campaign for the 20mph speed limit to be reversed, and I'm happy to announce that my Conservative Party colleagues will be backing me as well."