A NEW 20mph sign in Flintshire has been defaced ahead of the roll-out of the new speed limit. 

On September 17, most 30mph roads in Wales will be reduced to a default 20mph limit. 

The controversial scheme has been met with objection from many people across the nation. 

And vandals used the peel off stickers placed on a sign in Broughton to make their point in a rude way. 

The Leader:

There have been other instances of it happening across north Wales

A last-minute bid to stop the rollout of the controversial new 20mph speed limit for residential roads in Wales has failed.

Senedd members voted 38 to 15 to reject the Conservative motion to halt the scheme.

First Minister Mark Drakeford has defended the new law - saying it will save lives and money on the Welsh NHS. 


“This is a manifesto commitment of the Labour Party, and it was in our election manifesto,” Mr Drakeford said.

“Politicians are very often criticised for not keeping their promises and this is a promise that we will be keeping here in Wales.

“We will invest around £32 million in one-off expenditure and that one-off money will save £92 million every single year in the NHS. We will be paid back many, many times over for the investment that we are making.

“I’m reinforced in my belief that it is the right thing to do from the experience we see elsewhere in the world."

Katie Wilby, chief officer for Streetscene and transportation at Flintshire Council, said: “As with all local authorities across Wales, in Flintshire we are currently implementing the required signage across the county, which will see the default speed limit change from 30mph to 20mph on restricted roads on September. 17.

"Unfortunately, we have seen an isolated number of signs vandalised and defaced, which have been replaced or corrected immediately and any wilful damage reported to the police for further investigation.”