A WREXHAM AFC super-fan from New York has been surprised with a trip to North Wales so she can 'have her moment.'

Sydney Greenberg, 12, has dreamed of the moment she would watch her favourite football team play right before her eyes, and thanks to her Dad, her wish is coming true. 

Ever since the premiere of Disney+'s 'Welcome to Wrexham' last year, Sydney has dreamed of going to Wrexham to watch the team she supports back in Rochdale.

Her dad, Brian, decided to finally book the trip of a lifetime and is taking Sydney first to London for a few days before travelling up to Wrexham for the Wrexham vs. Sutton United match on October, 24.

The pair love learning about Wrexham and North Wales, and followed the squad as they secured their well-deserved League Two promotion earlier this year.

Sydney has also made life-long friends and bonded with others over their love of the club, including Carly Steward, from Wrexham, who the family will be staying with during their trip. 

Brian said: "We can't wait to see everything Wrexham has to offer, from eating at The Fat Boar to seeing if Pencil Craftsman is open at Ty Pawb. We also hope to see the Welsh Countryside and explore. Maybe Rob and Ryan will be at the game!

"This is the beauty of the Welcome to Wrexham documentary. Two girls, close in age, have bonded and become friends over a football team in North Wales and are now meeting up to go to a match.

"Thanks to the beauty that is the show, it has enhanced more lives than you'll ever know."

"She didn't fall in love with the team because of Rob and Ryan like many others in the US. She watched the documentary and it's by getting to know the players and the team that this all started."


After moving around school schedules and organising the logistics of a big trip, Brian booked the whole thing while trying to keep it all a secret from his daughter which he said was "extremely hard."

Sydney and Carly began talking on Twitter after seeing the other one in a Wrexham shirt. They bonded instantly and chat every single day.

This will be Sydney's first trip to Europe and her first game outside of the States making it an experience of a lifetime.