A BELOVED puppet, well-known for being at Wrexham matches, has been re-united with its owner - but with a new kit on!

Earlier this week, the Leader reported that Richie Roberts' 'Shaun the Sheep' had gone missing.

Die-hard Reds fan Richie has been taking Shaun along with him to matches for around 15 years.

He's been home and away, to Wembley and everywhere else in between but the recent 1-1 draw at Barrow (August 26) is where he went missing.

During the match, Richie - who is himself a notable character with his odd shoes and often fancy clothing on a matchday - helped another fan who had become poorly.

As a result, they left Shaun behind along with some other fans who Rich had called to ask to look after the puppet after the 58-year-old was unable to return to the ground in time.

But, sadly, the fans forgot and Shaun was left behind in Barrow.


However, on Wednesday (September 6), Richie received the call he had been waiting for, telling him that Shaun had indeed been tracked down.

Barrow FC got in touch to tell him that they had found him - but he returned in an unrecognisable condition.

That is because they had cheekily dressed Shaun up in a Barrow kit!

Luckily, Richie saw the funny side to it.

He said: "Barrow had very kindly dressed him in their home kit! I have sent them a message promising that he will wear it when they come to the Racecourse this season."

Ewe just have to love that level of banter!