IN A fascinating throwback to football in the 1960s, an old photograph of fans at a Wrexham FC match has sparked a wave of nostalgia and reminiscence.

The image from the Leader archives, which features a packed crowd of supporters at a Wrexham FC v Notts County in 1964, prompted readers on the Leader Live Facebook page to reflect on the stark differences between then and now.

Commenting on the photo, user Carl Carl recalled his first visit to the Racecourse ground as a 12-year-old, claiming that the experience had him "hooked" and that the stadium was a special place.

Others chimed in, sharing their own memories of attending matches during that era.

Goal at the Wrexham FC v Notts County game, 1964.

Goal at the Wrexham FC v Notts County game, 1964.

One commenter specifically mentioned sitting on the wall to the right of the goal, while another claimed to be captured in the photo, explaining how it was always like that for home games "back then".

Marian Humphreys said: "My dad and uncle Ted will be in there somewhere, they never missed a home game, couldn't afford to go to many away games but always glued to the radio following the scores. The club have always been well supported."

The attire of the fans depicted in the image also caught the attention of the online community.

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Several users remarked on the neatly dressed men wearing shirts, ties, and suits, with Becky Evans adding: "Not a football shirt in sight."

This observation led to discussions about the scarcity of women in the crowd and the absence of football tops, highlighting how times have changed in the merchandising and fashion aspects of the sport.

While the majority of the comments centred around personal recollections and emotions evoked by the photo, some individuals raised questions about specific details.

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One user asked when scarves became a popular accessory among football fans, while another user questioned the presence of a man wearing a helmet among the crowd (can you spot him?).

Others joined in, expressing their curiosity about whether the boys in the photo still support Wrexham to this day and reminiscing about memorable moments spent in certain sections of the stadium.

One recalled sitting in the 'pigeon stand', named after the numerous birds that roosted there, while another reminisced about watching Wrexham play against the Busby Babes, while they sat on the wall.

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Maureen Howells said: "How times have changed. Used to love the wooden rattles (by the wall on the left hand side), my brothers had one, they were really noisy. Great photo, brings back lots of happy memories."

Amidst the nostalgic reflections, a few commenters injected a touch of humor into the conversation.

Some mocked the notion that Wrexham only gained support through recent investment from Rob and Ryan, referring to them as "Hollywood bandwagon jumpers". Others jokingly attributed the large crowd size to the absence of ticket requirements in the past.

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Stanley-Dog Jones joked: "Got to be a fake photo, because the rest of the country thinks Wrexham have only just found support!"

Overall, the photograph of fans from the 1960s has struck a chord with football enthusiasts, as they marvel at the differences between that era and the modern game.

From the passionate testimonials and emotional connections to the observations on fashion and historical context, this photo has sparked a trip down memory lane for many supporters.

While football may have evolved significantly over the years, the love and dedication of fans remain constant.