CONCERNS have been raised over a 'lack of real progress' in repair work on Newbridge Road, with further delays expected. 

The B5605 situated between Cefn Mawr and Chirk has been closed since Storm Christoph in January 2021. 

Extreme weather caused a landslide, which has since put the road out of action. 

Work has yet to start on the road, with residents slamming the time taken for repairs.

Welsh Government funding was secured in April last year, with the contactor confirmed in June this year, with hopes it would be open towards the end of 2023.

However, a group of local councillors have recently met with Wrexham Council to raise their concerns, with work not set to start until February 2024 at the earliest. 


A joint statement from Councillors Frank Hemmings, Derek Wright, Stella Matthews, Paul Blackwell, Dana Davies and Rondo Roberts, said: "A meeting took place earlier today with Wrexham County Borough Councillors representing the communities neighbouring this site and the council’s lead officer for this programme of repair works. 

"Councillors strongly expressed concerns regarding the lack of real progress towards the reopening of this road and the detrimental impact this is having on residents and our wider communities. 

"Despite previous assurances that the road would reopen by December of this year, it was stated today that the major repair work would not start until February 2024 at the earliest; this being over three years since the damage during Storm Christophe and almost two years after Welsh Government handing over the full funding to the council.

"Some minor explorative works are due imminently and we hope communications will improve to a level whereby we, as the local councillors, are in a better position to inform our communities.

"We apologise to all those who are continually affected by this road closure. Since Welsh Government funding was secured we have continuously lobbied for visible action regarding this programme of work. Please be assured that the information and concerns our local residents have expressed are being fully represented.

"We continue to work together and are pressing for the earliest possible completion of the repair programme whilst ensuring our communities are fully informed of progress including key milestone dates. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns."

A spokesperson for Wrexham Council said:" Following a successful tender process in July, a Design and Build Contractor, Jones Bros Ltd was awarded the Contract to deliver the project to repair the slip in two stages.

"The first stage is to be focused on the detailed design, relying on geotechnical data already collected, and additional ground and ecological studies to be considered to ensure the best quality outcome for residents and commuters.

"The challenging access issues to the unstable slope area have been assessed by specialist geotechnical engineers brought in during recent weeks, with further detailed investigation works due to commence on in the next few weeks. 

"The information from these investigations will be collated and used to produce the preferred design, detailed programme of works and associated costings. 

"At this stage it may prove possible to implement a partial temporary re-opening of the road whilst works are undertaken; however this will have to be carefully considered and weighed up against whether this may further delay permanent repair. 

"The second stage will involve the major engineering works that will conclude with the reopening on the B5605 in full. Whilst the programme for stage 2 cannot be confirmed until the design details are complete, the aim is to complete stage two by July 2024. Further associated works may continue after the road is re-opened to traffic, however these would not have an impact on use of the road (e.g. landscaping works on the repaired slope). 

"Both WCBC and their contractors are keen to ensure reports of progress are shared with Landowners, Local Councillors and other community representatives and will be shortly be providing regular updates via social media.

"WCBC will be providing links to these in addition to regular updates being offered to your County and Community Councillors."