FRUSTRATED residents have made their views clear as the wait for repairs to Newbridge road goes on. 

On Monday, Wrexham Council confirmed that they were going out to tender for contractors to tackle the repairs on the B5605. 

The vital link road near Cefn Mawr has been closed for over two years since being damaged during Storm Christoph in 2021. 

This wait has led to a lengthy period of frustration for motorists, and residents living nearby, who have been forced to take lengthy diversions to get to work or take their children to school.

Local resident Rowena Brown said: "I find it unbelievable that our council doesn't take into consideration the upheavals it has caused the residents in and around this area.

"It not only means that commuters are having to go many miles out of their way to get to destinations, but the viaduct end of Cefn Mawr, New bridge and Pentre have all been without a bus service during these past years!

"Why have there still not been contractors employed to do this work, when plenty of money seems to be available for other projects now going ahead in Wrexham.

"The council boasts about the aqueduct, yet doesn't consider the need to repair and develop what is needed around it to bring visitors and finance to this area."


Brena John added: "I'm bemused by the whole thing. I'm sure the council have already thrown thousands at consultants, the men with clipboards walking around and giving advice.

"The money received will have already dwindled with not a bit of actual work done. This would never be tolerated in South Wales.

"We are either forced to go to Ruabon to use the A483 which is a nightmare, or we go through Trevor over Bont Bridge which was never meant for heavy use. It's a ridiculous state of affairs."

The Leader: Newbridge RoadNewbridge Road (Image: Newsquest)

Another local resident Liz Roden discussed the impact the road closure had on those who were unable to drive. 

She said: "What about people who can’t walk to nearest bus stop? Due to illness or disability, they're stuck at home relying on taxis, that are too expensive. 

"My son walks up to Cefn for the bus to college, but more often than not, it’s cancelled at last minute, causing trouble for him in college."


In May, the Welsh Government announced it would be providing £2.8m in funding to Wrexham Council to cover the cost of the repairs, and geo-technical work began in the autumn.

Speaking at a media briefing earlier this month, deputy leader, Cllr David A Bithell anticipated that the road could still be out of use for another year.

Now progress is to be made as the council has issued a statement confirming it is inviting contractors to bid to undertake the work on eTender Wales.

A spokesperson for Wrexham Council said: "Progress has now been made to a stage where the invitation to tender, via the aforementioned Framework, for the next major stage can proceed with confidence, with diligence to date paying dividends and maximising the potential for a smooth transition to the construction phase that follows.

"There is an added advantage to the approaching spring and summer seasons to deal with the most complex phases of the repair will also hopefully deliver its own benefits with the high-quality outcome much deserved by the residents of Wrexham."

Cllr Hugh Jones, Lead Member for the Environment, added:  "I am pleased that work on this important project has reached this point.

"The closure of the road has had a significant impact on local communities and emergency services who are having to drive miles out of their way, often on a daily basis."

While the council's application for contractors shows progress, there needs to be a sense of urgency according to a local councillor and a Member of the Senedd

Cefn Mawr councillor David Metcalfe: "The Newbridge Road has now been out of action for two years and this has cost our community dearly in both terms of inconvenience and loss of commercial activity damaging our fragile economy further. The river bank retaining wall and road need to be repaired as soon as possible.

"We hear of expenditure in the region of £4M on the Trevor Basin Master Plan, from the Levelling Up Fund, and yet New Bridge Road and our infrastructure remains at an all time low and unserviceable. Perhaps questions need to be asked?"

Clwyd South MS Ken Skates said: "Funding for the repairs is in place following the grant from Welsh Government, and hopefully it will move forward at an accelerated pace once all contracts are in place.

“The route is vitally important for local people and I hope Wrexham Council will be able to reinstate it as soon as possible.”