The Leader Camera Club has more than 1,000 members from across Wrexham, Flintshire and beyond.

In our Behind the Lens feature, we meet some of those in the group who share their images and take part in challenges, contributing to the galleries in print and online.

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Dani Harry is a 28-year-old therapeutic care practitioner and photographer, from Wrexham...

Dani Harry in their element: Im taking photos for my friends wedding and it was such an amazing evening.

Dani Harry in their element: "I'm taking photos for my friends' wedding and it was such an amazing evening."

When and why did you take up photography?

I just knew I was interested in photography from a young age, I've always been interested in taking photos and making memories.

I bought my first camera which was a Fujifilm at 17, which I still have. I then started shooting as a hobby and then got more confident and now I do it as a business and I love it.

Minas - music is a passion and it was definitely his that night.

Minas - music is a passion and it was definitely his that night.

What do you love about taking pictures?

I love it because you can be as creative as you want or make it as simple as you want. It's endless what you can do with it. I always get excited when I take photos and then go home and see what they look like properly on my laptop. I love that even if you make a mistake it can be a happy one.

I love documenting a couple's special day and capturing each moment of their day. I personally love candid images because I have had so much feedback from clients when they didn't realise I was taking photos and are happily surprised when they see them. I love doing wedding sessions.

Witch in the woods.

Witch in the woods.

Where is your favourite place to take pictures and why?

One of my favourite places is Newquay, Wales, because taking photos there with the sunsets were unreal. But I just like going to different places and seeing what photos I can take whether it be nature, people, or architecture. I think doing photography you never stop learning, every time I pick up my camera I'm still learning and gaining new skills.

Veteran in the rain.

Veteran in the rain.

What equipment do you use?

I currently use a Canon 6D Mark ii and an R6. I love them both. I have a few lenses but you can never have too many lenses. I have the 70-200mm F/1.4 lens which is one of my favourites at the minute.

Anna and Scott on the dance floor at Annas 30th!

Anna and Scott on the dance floor at Anna's 30th!

What do you enjoy about being part of the Leader Camera Club?

I love being creative on there and how it's very inclusive. Anyone can be creative and you might even get put in the paper, which is nice because I know personally my nana always tells me when she sees my photos in there which is lovely.

Sunsets are just beautiful.

Sunsets are just beautiful.

If you could photograph anyone or any place who/what would it be?

That's a tough question. I really enjoy music photography, I love the unpredictability that comes with shooting gigs. And obviously I love listening to music so this is a win situation. I would love to shoot some big bands such as Imagine Dragons, Paramore, AC/DC, Sex Pistols etc.

I think I would also want to photograph somewhere in Italy because it's a beautiful place and the scenery would be gorgeous.

A special day with Sadie and Arron.

A special day with Sadie and Arron.

Anything else you think we should know?

I love capturing a couple's special day, weddings are just a magical time and I'm so grateful for all of my clients that I have had. I love candid photography, there is just something special documenting a moment in time and giving the client more surprises.

I have been involved in different charity events and one I have done recently is the Menstrual Health Project, it's such an amazing charity and they are new, so if you have a chance, check them out on socials. I did some photography for them and I will be promoting the charity.

My aim is getting an award for my photography and have my images in an exhibit so people can come in and have a look at my work. Photography is about being creative and having fun with.

It used to be my way of escaping but now it something I could not live without.

I have supported other small business by capturing the events that they have put on - food, products, charity events, schools, dance classes, and I hope to do more in the future. - 07599 328 852.