A NEW PROJECT has been launched to highlight all things Wrexham AFC and offer Reds fans several shows a week to enjoy in the process.

'This is Wrexham' was formed by friends Shaun Winter and Stephen Baker earlier this year.

Since then, it has already gone from strength to strength, even racking up more than 1,000 subscribers to its YouTube channel in its opening month.

You may recognise the show's host Shaun from the 'Welcome to Wrexham' documentary which aired via Disney Plus last year.

A painter by day, straight-talking Shaun is also set to return for the second series which will air from September 13 onward.

And his tendency to talk about his beloved football club as, at times, brutally honestly as he does has seen him win fans over for the new show too.


The podcast is not only generating some numbers with listeners from the UK - but also as far afield as Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Shaun and producer Stephen have been releasing weekly episodes straight after each match and have had some very interesting guests sit in as co-presenters so far too, including MMA fighter Aaron Aby.

The Late Show offers brilliant pre-match analysis and insights while the video diaries segments give a real matchday experience to fans who may not be able to attend games.

Such has been the show's popularity to date, that the team has now launched a subscription tier which offers extra features and insights. 

The show's producer Stephen said: "I've been involved in music production for years and Shaun was previously doing some MC'ing and we became friends.

"The idea for the show came about when we were doing some filming for the Welcome to Wrexham documentary. We felt like we wanted to do more and the idea of a show came about.

The Leader:

A look inside the studio where 'This Is Wrexham' is filmed.

"I wasn't really big into football, I didn't have a team. But I admired Shaun's passion for the game and quickly began to realise just how phenomenal Wrexham were.

"At first, we tried not to take it too seriously, but there was quickly a buzz around it. Shaun appeared on Good Morning Britain and we got a mention on there which did us a huge favour."

Stephen and Shaun began recording their shows from his home.

This Is Wrexham is currently aiming to produce between six and 12 shows a week for fans to enjoy - with Wrexham often competing in two league/cup matches a week at times.

Stephen said: "Our long term goal now is to get big guests on the show and get a proper studio secured.

"I have three kids and I work as a project manager in my day job, so it can be a bit hectic, but me and Shaun are very passionate about what we're doing through This Is Wrexham and want to make it a success."

To follow the new show all about Wrexham AFC, visit YouTube; This Is Wrexham and Spotify; This Is Wrexham.