A 29-YEAR old woman from Mold is taking on a tremendous fundraising challenge after having breast cancer.

On September 10, Anna Ramsey, originally from Mold, will be embarking on a challenging 5-day trek in the Swiss Alps to raise money for breast cancer charity CoppaFeel!

Visit her Just Giving page here.

PR Manager Anna, now 29, decided she wanted to embark on the life-changing trek across mountainous terrain after being diagnosed with breast cancer aged 28 in May 2022.

Anna was told she had Stage 2 Grade 3 Triple Negative Breast Cancer after finding a lump in her left breast in spring 2022. A few months before she had found a lump in her right breast and got it checked out in the breast clinic, where it was confirmed to be benign.

Thinking it would be the same scenario the second time around, Anna was not concerned. However, when she received her diagnosis, she was in shock.

Anna, who now lives in London, said: “Despite having an ultrasound, a biopsy and a mammogram at the breast clinic, I didn’t for one moment think I had breast cancer, especially as I had a benign lump just a few months before and I was only 28.

“When the consultant said ‘you have breast cancer’, I was in total shock. I didn’t expect it, and neither did my family, friends or partner.”

She added: “Luckily, I caught it early. My lump was 2cm and the cancer was contained to the breast. It was thanks to CoppaFeel! I knew to check my breasts and get checked out – I could have so easily just left it.”

Anna underwent a long and gruelling treatment plan, including five months of aggressive chemotherapy, a double mastectomy and immediate reconstruction, and three weeks of radiotherapy. She found out she was cancer-free in December 2022, just before Christmas.

The Leader:

She was on medication up until March earlier this year which she was eligible for as she has the BRCA 1 gene, explaining why she was diagnosed so young.

Talking about why she decided to take on the CoppaFeel! Trek, Anna said: “I applied to take part in the trek last year whilst I was in the midst of treatment. I wanted to set myself a goal, get back into my fitness and have an opportunity to just celebrate life and how far I have come.


“CoppaFeel! Is such an important charity, highlighting how important it is for young people like myself to check their breasts. Most people think that breast cancer only affects older women, but I’m living proof you can get it even in your twenties.

"But because I was proactive, I saved my life – and by doing this trek, I hope I can raise awareness and encourage others to check their boobs too, no matter how old they are.”

Anna will be taking part in the trek alongside celebrities Giovanna Fletcher, Pete Wicks, Candice Brown, Anna Whitehouse and Kelsey Parker, as well as over 120 other trekkers who have been affected by breast cancer.