A WREXHAM restaurant was visited by an accredited food critic who wrote a glowing review for 'The Guardian.'

'Lisbon Tapas', a Portuguese tapas bar and restaurant in Wrexham offering delicious food and drink was visited last week by Jay Rayner, a top UK food critc. 

He hosts the BBC Radio 4 show 'Kitchen Cabinet' and was working on an episode for his radio show in north Wales before discovering the hidden Portuguese treasure. 

In his review, he described the restaurant as having 'a big heart' and serving 'fantastic seafood' which he was utterly impressed with. 

The Guardian and Observer critic, with frequent television appearances, had the most praise for the seafood with an appreciation for the chef's decision to not tamper with it unnecessarily but rather letting it steam in its own juices with garlic and white wine. The £7.25 clams, specifically, were just "waiting to be sucked off the shell", he said.

Referencing the blackboard sign placed by the till Jay commended the restaurant's hospitality for delivering exactly the service that was needed. Reminding readers that hospitality is the business of looking after people, he said: "That’s exactly what Lisbon Tapas did. And we were grateful for it."

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Despite wondering "what red pepper hummus was doing on the menu of an ostensibly Portuguese restaurant", Jay noted that the overall likeability of a restaurant often trumps everything else, complimenting the service he received from "a nice chap with a finely cropped beard and twinkly eyes".

"If I were to find myself here again, I suspect the best way to go would be a few of those seafood dishes to start, followed by the grills: the smoky charred chicken and chorizo skewers, or the meaty ribs or the steaks", Jay said.

To finish, Jay could not resist the pastel de nata, sweet, flaky pastry completed with cherry and a "fierce alcoholic burn" that was meant "in a very good way."

Lisbon Tapas Bar is situated on Church Street and holds a 5-star rating from its 96 Tripadvisor reviews.