A FLINTSHIRE traffic expert has spoken of his serious concerns about motorists using phones behind the wheel.

Freedom of Information data obtained by the Leader from North Wales Police reveals how many traffic offence reports (TORs) have been issued each year from 2020 to date to drivers for using a phone whilst driving, and for driving carelessly.

The data also shows how many incidents of dangerous driving have been recorded over that time - as well as how many instances of phone use and careless driving have been recorded by the force's safety camera unit.

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According to the data, from the beginning of 2020 to date, there have been 281 dangerous driving incidents across North Wales; seven of which have resulted in a death and 28 of which have resulted in serious injury.

Over that three-and-a-half year period, the force's safety camera unit recorded 57 instances of mobile phone use and 13 incidents of driving without due care.

But in terms of TORs - which are given because the issuing officer believes there is sufficient evidence to prosecute for an offence - 1,152 were handed out for phone use behind the wheel, and 542 were issued for careless driving.

Arnold Woolley, coordinator for the Buckley Community Speedwatch Team, is a former Police Senior Superintendent, Force Training Commander and traffic specialist.

Speaking about the data, he told the Leader: "This is absolute selfishness, greed and indiscipline - it's a disregard of consideration for anyone else.

"People are just not being careful, considerate or thorough - it's a case of drivers not realising the one thing their concentration should be on is driving.

"We (Buckley Community Speedwatch team) see a lot at the roadside - tailgating, phone use galore, people not belted up.

"All of these things are simply a failure to be responsible and to realise that every move you make behind that wheel has the potential to affect everyone around you.

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"Ultimately it can result in fatality to themselves and to others - whether that's pedestrians or motorists."

Cllr Woolley said he believes many in society "can't live in the real world" - adding: "They are taking on all kinds of narcotics and drink, which affect judgement.

"And looking at smartphones; these devices are no longer just a thing to listen to.

"Much of the time people are looking at the screen and not the road ahead.

"It might be just a peek - but that peek could be the fraction of a time in which you don't see a car ahead brake, or a child run out into the road.

"The result is, you are going to be remorseful for the rest of your life."