NORTH Wales Community Police have issued an alert warning people of the dangers of selling items on social media.

Members of the public are being encouraged to take care when selling items on websites such as Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree.

The alert comes after a mobile phone was stolen from a victim in the North Flintshire area.

Before selling anything online, Community Police ask residents to consider the following when browsing on Marketplace or Gumtree;

  • Do not give the item over until payment has been confirmed. 
  • If you have CCTV, ensure that the exchange of money and item is covered by the CCTV camera. 
  • If you believe that you are being scammed or feel unsafe, close the door and call 101 or 999 in emergencies. 

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  • Be aware of "Giveaways" which often seen to good to be true. 
  • Be aware of fake receipts shown on screen shots and always physically check your own banking app to ensure payment has been received.  
  • Report all fraud incidents to Action Fraud - 0300 123 2040