WALES international and Wrexham lad Danny Ward says the club's Hollywood actor owners have been 'amazing' for the club and the community so far.

Danny Ward, who has earned 32 caps for Wales, was born in Wrexham and grew up in Mancot.

The now 30-year-old's career has taken him to the likes of Liverpool, Aberdeen, Huddersfield Town and now Leicester City, who he has played in the Premier League with.

Recently though, the goalkeeper sat down with betting company Parimatch to discuss his roots, his love for Wrexham AFC and the club's owners Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds.


Ward has been a fan of Wrexham AFC all his life and came through the academy in 2011 before moving to join English giants Liverpool FC.

Asked about whether or not he still keeps an eye on the club, Ward told Parimatch: "Ever since I left, I've still been following them, but it's just happier times for us now. 

"I went to the Notts County game which was one of the best games of football I've ever seen at any level. It was incredible.

"But what's going on there is brilliant. Obviously, the football side of things is there for everyone to see. You know, with the documentary and how well they're doing."

Commenting on Rob and Ryan, he said: "The owners bring massive publicity to the city, which I think is huge. It shows the humility that they have as people as well.

"Some people maybe have a perception of A-list Hollywood actors, that it might be a little project for them, a bit of fun. But you can see that they're fully invested in the football club and the city. It’s weird saying city, because it is now.

"When I was down at the game, it might have been that day or a couple of days later they were picking up the freedom to the city, you know? To get that sort of accolade, you don't just get that for owning a football club and putting a few quid in.

The Leader:

PIC: Wrexham AFC co-chairmen Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds at the Racecourse ground.

"That's by being fully invested in the place, and they've been amazing for everything in Wrexham so far."

Reminiscing about his days in Wrexham as a young boy, Ward said: "I was born in Wrexham and then I grew up probably 20 minutes away in a little village called Mancot. 

"But being born in Wrexham, it was my team. I used to go on the train and watch them as a kid. And even when I was in the academy setups at different clubs, I used to go back, jump on the train, and go and watch the lads on a Saturday with my friends all the way back when I was in high school.

"And then I ended up joining them when I was 14, just before the scholarships sort of age. I absolutely loved it, it was brilliant. I was lucky enough to be around some great coaches, and for a non-league club, the facilities were absolutely brilliant.

"People like Steve Cooper, the Forest manager, was youth team coach when I was there. Stuart Webber was there, who is now Head of Football Operations at Norwich, and he was at Huddersfield previously.

"Joey Jones was a European Cup winner with Liverpool and a Wales legend. So, they were the sort of people who took me under their wing and were absolutely brilliant for me at that club at the time."

Re-calling his move to Liverpool, Ward said: "Straight away, I remember training at Melwood a couple of days after signing and doing a shooting session with Luis Suarez, and it was a bit like, what am I doing here? It took a bit of adjusting.

"It was the first time I had lived away from home as well, which wasn't too far away by all means, but it was still about having to learn the basics of cooking my own stuff and doing the washing, which Liverpool were brilliant with I must say.

"They used to put on a class up in high school in Rain Hill where once a week or once every couple of weeks they'd get all the younger pros and lads in the reserve team, and then we'd all have to go to compulsory classes to learn how to cook different things and basically look after ourselves."