Wrexham AFC co-owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney have received the prestigious Freedom of Wrexham award. 

The Hollywood duo and the Wrexham AFC club were presented with the award at a ceremony held on Sunday morning, April 10 at Wrexham' Guildhall. 

The closed door ceremony was led by Mayor of Wrexham Brian Cameron, along with speeches from Wrexham council leader Mark Pritchard and Chief Executive Ian Bancroft. 

Councillors voted to confer the freedom of the city on the owners of Wrexham AFC in recognition of the club’s long and proud history, and the impact the two owners have had in helping to promote Wrexham across the world since they purchasing the football club two years ago.

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Accepting the award Rob McElhenney said: "You saw, in the first episode of the documentary the house I grew up in, the neighbourhoods I grew up - and I hope that you saw yourselves. 

"There with my dad and my son and my brother, who is here with me today, I have got to share this entire experience and that has been the greatest honour of my life."

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Ryan Reynolds echoed his gratitude and said: "I am so touched that I get to be a part of this story."

The actor also shared his emotions before the game against Notts County saying: "I haven't slept in a few days in anticipation of today."

However, the co-owners will certainly be sleeping sound after Wrexham finished the match 3-2 against the team and stepped ever closer to promotion.