A PLANNING application to move asylum seekers into a Flintshire hotel has been submitted to the council. 

Flintshire Council's website shows that today (Monday, June 12), an application was received by the authority regarding plans for the Northop Hall Country House Hotel. 

The Leader revealed in March that a consultation had been launched regarding plans to turn the 37-bedroom hotel into emergency accommodation for asylum seekers over a seven-year period. 

If given the go-ahead, the hotel would become home to 400 single, male asylum seekers - the Asylum Accommodation and Support Contracts operated by Clearsprings Ready Homes (CRH) - the Home Office appointed operator in Wales.


Approximately 250 people would be accommodated in the modular temporary units which would be removed from site at the end of the period. Some 150 would be accommodated within the existing building. Use of the site as a hotel would resume at the end of the temporary permission.  

Northop Hall is home to roughly 1,500 people - meaning its population could rise by over a quarter. 

And some residents living in the Northop Hall area are campaigning against the plans, as well as Delyn MP Rob Roberts and local councillors. 

Mr Roberts previously said: "Northop Hall is wholly unsuitable for a place like this. There are virtually no public transport services. One small shop, one pub, no capacity in schools, no capacity in GPs, no capacity in dentists. No capacity in local A&E and other health services."

"The village is a mix of young families and elderly communities. I grew up there and have lived there for half of my life. I played cricket and hockey there. I got married in St Mary’s Church.

"Increasing the population of a village like this by about 35 per cent, and with predominantly males, is simply not a viable plan."