A BUCKLEY man says he is 'honoured' to have made the drive to Ukraine to drop off key supplies. 

Esmor Davies, 78, arranged for a group of six four-by-four trucks, one driven by himself to make the journey to Ukraine to hand deliver in-person, as well as items such as tools, jump leads, shovels, clothing, blankets, generators and other pieces of equipment.

The kindness of the local community meant that these items were able to be delivered, which included over 40 bags of clothing.

Embarking on the long journey, Esmor said the trip did not bother him and that age was just a number as his convoy made its way across Europe via the Eurotunnel with a trailer in tow!

The Leader:

Esmor said: "I've always done it [charitable efforts] in countries like Sri Lanka, Bosnia, Bulgaria. These are people [Ukrainians] who are fighting for their own land, there is horrendous cruelty there.

"We wanted to support in any way we could.

"I brought these goods to be delivered to somebody, not to be stored in a warehouse. I made sure that those were delivered by hand.

"I feel honoured to have done this. But I'm also proud of the team that has spent their time and given their time and financial aid to drive all these vehicles, it's not as simple as you think - it's a long journey."


Smiling as he looked at the photographs from the journey, a beaming Esmor was delighted with the efforts made.

"You come back and you know you were part of it and you know you've done something. It may only be a pinhead, but it's something, something is better than nothing and I'm proud."

Returning home, the team travelled in a taxi to Poland before flying back to the UK. 

Esmor plans to return to Ukraine in August with a new plan to help people with a mobile hospital, with more details to be confirmed.