Wrexham Lager has landed a major deal at supermarket giant Tesco which will be stocking original recipe lager from next week.

Wrexham Lager announced today (Friday, May 12) that their 4% draught is now available in bottle, and has been brewed to the original recipe as part of a 12 pack “cloaked in the returning iconic sky blue”.

From Monday (May 15) the crates will be sold exclusively in all 58 major Tesco stores throughout Wales.


Wrexham Lager said: “Wrexham Lager; Proudly brewed to perfection in the heart of Wrexham since 1882. Be a part of a rich history, a growing story and enjoy Wrexham's iconic lager wherever you are.”

This is the latest in a series of developments for the brewery since its revival in 2011, when the Roberts family was given the right by former Clwyd South MP Martyn Jones, who himself managed to procure the rights to all but the Ace of Clubs brand for £1.

Brothers Mark Roberts and Vaughan Roberts then built a successful brewery (though smaller than the original) and opened the brewery shop.

Joss Roberts of Wrexham Lager said: “It’s a proud day for my family who have worked so hard to bring back this iconic Welsh brewery.

"I know how much it means to the town of Wrexham and one thing's for sure, the beer is absolutely stunning.

"We thank Tesco for this huge opportunity and look forward to exciting times ahead.”