BEING at The Racecourse on Saturday as Wrexham AFC clinched the National League title was truly special. 

It felt like a real privilege to be there. To see the results of what Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney have done for the club was incredible. 

There are a very few things other than football that can create the sort of atmosphere that I and everyone of the 10,000-strong crowd experienced on Saturday. It really was spine-tingling stuff. 

I arrived in Wrexham shortly after 2pm. As soon as you entered the city you could sense the feeling of anticipation. 

The city centre was awash with red shirts, and there was a genuine buzz about the place - like something I've never experienced there before. 

The Leader: Elliotte Rees (aka Deadpool), Emily Rees, Simon Tyler, Chloe Tyler and Ryan Matthias.Elliotte Rees (aka Deadpool), Emily Rees, Simon Tyler, Chloe Tyler and Ryan Matthias. (Image: Newsquest)

I made my way to the Turf, and you could hear the atmosphere from streets away. It was like a carnival. The fan zone was absolutely packed and the queue to get in the pub itself was huge. It felt like the sort of atmosphere you get at cup final or international match.

It must seem surreal for the Wrexham fans who watched their team nearly drop out of the National League and out of existence. 

Ryan and Rob have helped to not just transform the football club, but the area as a whole. 

The Leader: Coleen Gorman and her greyhound, Jet.Coleen Gorman and her greyhound, Jet. (Image: Newsquest)

I spoke to a Wrexham fan who'd travelled all the way from Alabama in the United States to be at the game. And Paul Rudd became the latest Hollywood star to visit The Racecourse - with the Role Models star seen enjoying a pre-match pub in the Turf. 

The Leader: Matthew Donoghue (right) travelled all the way from Alabama to attend the game. Matthew Donoghue (right) travelled all the way from Alabama to attend the game. (Image: Newsquest)

The players were met with a hero's welcome as they entered the ground. Notably, each of them had time to sign shirts and pose for photos after a well-renowned Premier League club recently made headlines after a video emerged of its players' lack of interaction with a mascot. 


As kick-off neared, the atmosphere ramped up. When the Declan Swans' Always Sunny in Wrexham played - there was a noise like you'd never expect to hear at a match in the fifth tier.

The roar when the players entered the field was incredible. From then on, the 10,000 fans created as good an atmosphere as I've ever experienced at a football match. And Phil Parkinson's team plays with an energy that can only be generated from the buzz of crowd. 

When the final whistle blew, and thousands of fans streamed onto the pitch to celebrate with the players - there were plenty of teary eyes around me. These are proper football fans, and you can tell that Rob and Ryan are even taken aback with the passion of the supporters.

As the crowds made their way back towards the city centre there was singing and dancing. The pubs and bars were absolutely choccablock. 

You could sense that this was one of the greatest night's in the club's modern history. And, incredibly, this is just the start. With the backing that Wrexham have from the owners, and from the fans, I have a sneaky feeling it could be deja vu come next May.