A FATHER-of-two from Flintshire has completed a 180-mile run to where he first met his wife to raise money for her vital cancer treatment over in America.

In September 2021, Kelly Pendry from Ewloe was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called uterine leimyosarcoma.

She was initially given six months to live, but is still battling and has been stable for around one year.

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Writing on the just giving fundraising page Run for Kelly, Michael Pendry, said: “Kelly likes to defy anyone who tells her that she can’t do something and is currently proving doctors wrong."

The Leader:

Kelly wants a hysterectomy, but said the option is "no longer on the table".

Speaking to the Leader, Kelly said: “In the UK once you have stage four cancer, surgery no longer seems to be an option to prolong life.”

Kelly often wonders if things would have been different has been diagnosed earlier.

Her initial symptoms in 2016 of pain and prolonged periods were grouped under “issues with cycle”.

She said: “I was made to feel quite stupid and like I was a drama queen.”

Michael set up the fundraising page in June 2022, in the hopes of raising funds to go towards treatment in America.

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With an aspiration to do something big in an effort to raise money Michael decided to run 180 miles from their home in Ewloe to Bristol.

Due to Kelly’s diagnosis being Stage IV cancer he decided he would complete the challenge over four days.

In a moving plea on the fundraising page Michael said: “Kelly is my one and she always has been and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for her.

The Leader: Family photograph of Isla, Sammy, Michael and KellyFamily photograph of Isla, Sammy, Michael and Kelly (Image: Family photo)

“We have two amazing children Sammy, age ten and Isla, age eight and they need their mum to continue creating amazing memories and giving them the life Kelly so desperately wants them to have, and if I’m being honest for me too - I need her.”

Michael along with his friend John Fielding headed off on the run on Thursday, March 16, arriving at Bristol at around 3.45pm on Sunday, March 19.

The Leader: John Fielding and Michael PendryJohn Fielding and Michael Pendry (Image: Graeme Robinson)

The pair were met by a welcome party of Kelly, Isla, Sammy along with other friends and family.

Sharing the moment live on the facebook page, Run for Kelly, Kelly said: “I am going to go and hug my husband, but just to let you know the reason we are here (Bristol) is in 2005 I fell into that doorstep and flat into that person's (Michael’s) feet.”

The challenging run has raised a total of over £70,000 which will go towards the cost of treatment in America for Kelly.

The Leader: Family and friends in Ewloe cheering Michael and John onFamily and friends in Ewloe cheering Michael and John on (Image: Graeme Robinson)

Kelly and Michael are amazed and grateful that her story has resonated with so many people.

She said: “We never anticipated it would go the way it has. 70K was the pie in the sky amount.

“Everyone has rallied and we are just so thankful to everyone that has willed us to a successful outcome.”

Those wanting to donate to Run for Kelly can do so here. 

Kelly has received comments from other women who have been inspired by her story to pursue further tests for their symptoms.

The mother of two added: “If I can save someone else going through this it is worth my time in the spotlight.”

Kelly’s hope for the future is that women feel confident in questioning issues with their cycle and that they are listened to.