A POPULAR Mold bakery is celebrating its fourth anniversary. 

Cravin' is located in the Daniel Owen precinct and has proved a hit amongst residents with its selections of cakes and treats. 

Reflecting on their journey, owner, Luke Anderson along with his wife and co-owner, Jamie-Lee said: "One day, I made these cupcakes. I said to my wife, "why aren't we doing this ourselves?

"It's relatively cheap to produce and people love them. So we decided to try selling them on Facebook marketplace.

"Eventually the demand got so big that we asked The White Lion in Buckley if we could sell out of there."

Unfortunately, during the pandemic, Luke was made redundant from his full-time job which led to the decision for the pair to make a go of their business by selling the sweet treats at Mold market.

Luke added: "It was great because we were baking everything and people loved it. We made a name for ourselves and managed to save up some money to let us buy the shop and we've just gone from strength to strength."

The Leader:

When discussing the positive impact the community of Mold has had on the business, Luke revealed that customers had become more like friends: "We have great feedback and people who come back all the time.


"They're more like friends now the customers, but we do see a lot of fresh faces as Mold's quite a touristy town."

Despite their success, it hasn't been without its challenges. Most notably due to the ongoing cost of living crisis, Luke admitted that the cost of certain ingredients has soared.

"The cost of ingredients has been a big one. I used to pay like one pound for a block of butter and now it's like two quid, eggs, again are crazy; not to mention the energy crisis with all the bills as well.

"We have had lots of things to get over but we seem to have, touch wood, managed pretty well at the moment and we are growing as a business."

It seems getting up to make cupcakes in the bakery at 4am is paying off for Luke and Jamie-Lee.

"We're really happy with where we are at the moment, we couldn't have imagined we would be doing this well even a year ago, so we're really grateful to all the customers who keep coming back - it's down to them really."