HUGH Jackman has said that, after Ryan Reynolds became a co-owner of Wrexham AFC, several of the Reds rival teams approached him to come on as a co-owner - for just £1.

In a BBC interview for Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg, Hugh Jackman was asked if he has any desire to buy a football team given his "rival, enemy, buddy" Ryan Reynolds is the co-owner of Wrexham AFC. 

In response, the Australian superstar joked that to "really stick it to Ryan" he wanted to play against the Reds. 

He said: "You know what, this whole thing of outsiders coming in and buying football teams, it feels a little easy. 

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"So I have decided to go one step further [...] I have decided to try out for the team."

The Greatest Showman star then went on to refer Norwich City shareholders Stephen Fry and Delia Smith saying: "I'm coming to try out."

He added: "If I really want to stick it to Ryan Reynolds and if Wrexham get to play Norwich [...] I think it would be better if I was heading in the winner."

Prior to this, Jackman shared that, after Ryan became a co-owner of Wrexham, several of Wrexham AFC's rival teams had approached the Hollywood actor to offer him to come in as a co-owner for as little as £1.

He added: "It did seriously tempt me."

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have played on their wonderfu bromance over recent years - both taking turns to dish out hilarious banter on social media. 

However, all jokes aside Hugh Jackman appears to be a fan of Wrexham, as evident from his reply to one of Ryan's posts sharing a teaser of the 'Welcome to Wrehxam' documentary back in July 2022. 

Having watched the show, Jackman replied: "I'm in a puddle of happy tears and covered in chill bumps. I can't wait to watch. I am in love with Wrexham and ... you."

Wrexham AFC themesleves responded on Twitter saying 'you love to see it!'.