A train fire on the Wrexham rail line has left a Transport for Wales train with visible scorch marks. 

On Wednesday, February 8, a train fire in Wrexham brought rail service between Chester and Wrexham general to a halt and caused a stretch of the A483 to close for a period. 

The 4.25am rail service travelling from Holyhead to Cardiff central was stopped near Wrexham General after reports of a fire on the train.

Firefighters tackled a fire in the undercarriage of one of the train's carriages, using four sets of breathing apparatus and three hose reel jets to bring it under control.

There were no reported injuries and passengers and staff were cared for by Network Rail and Transport Wales, with arrangements made to escort them from the affected area so they could continue their onward journey.

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A spokesperson for British Transport Police said yesterday: "Officers were called to the line in Wrexham at 6.48am today (8 February) following reports of a fire on a train.

"It was believed to have been caused by a hydraulic fault and has now been extinguished. Thankfully all passengers were safe and well."

Chris O'Hanlon was a passenger on the train and said the passengers were able to smell smoke, however they "were immediately moved down the train to safe carriages" and were given "constant updates" so he never felt any real worry. 

He said: "We were on our way and staff walked through our carriage with a hint of worry on their faces then minutes later came back and told us to move to the front carriage."

Mr O'Hanlon added: "They (emergency services) were prompt and kept communication open throughout. Fortunately for us we broke down under the 483 so access was easy, unfortunately for everyone else we were under the 483!

"[I] eventually got to Wrexham and jumped on a coach back to Chester with my site visit aborted. No complaints apart from an early start for nothing."