PAUL Mullin has been praised for his thoughtful act in support of a mascot at the Racecourse on Sunday. 

The star striker entered the pitch for the FA Cup fourth round clash against Sheffield United alongside a young child who has autism. 

The mascot, named Harry, has autism, and was wearing a pair of noise cancelling headphones. And Mullin, who dedicated his latest pair of boots to his son who was recently diagnosed as autistic, has been praised for also wearing a pair of the headphones as a show of support. 

Fans were quick to praise him on social media for the gesture. 

One said: "Just when you thought we can't love him any more."


Another person added: "Not just a top player, touch of class, this."

The Leader:

A further tweet read: "Brilliant touch - well done. Autism should be respected in all forms of sport and life. I'm so passionate about this with my 12-year-old autistic son who loves football."

Others described Mullin as "absolutely class", a "legend" and "outstanding on and off the pitch".