A GRIEVING Wrexham family were asked to spend Sunday's thrilling FA Cup match at the Racecourse alongside Ryan Reynolds. 

The Leader recently reported that Wrexham AFC's star co-owner paid for FC United's under 12s futsal team's new kits - after a fundraiser had been launched for it. 

The fundraiser had been launched by Kayleigh Barton - whose son, Keegen, plays for the team. 

Tragically, Kayleigh's ex-partner, and Keegen's father, Adam Bradshaw, died suddenly in September

The Leader: Adam BradshawAdam Bradshaw (Image: Family photo)

After hearing of what Keegen's been going through in recent months - Ryan sent him a personal video message offering his support. 

And not only that, Keegen and Kayleigh were informed that they had been invited to spend the Reds' FA Cup fourth round clash with Sheffield United on Sunday in the Aviation Gin suite with Ryan himself. 


Kayleigh said: "What an experience it's been for us both - sharing the game with Ryan in the Aviation Gin suite and making memories that will stay with us for a lifetime.

"Once again, Ryan, I just want to say a huge thank you  for letting Keegen have this opportunity - you wouldn't believe how much you have made my son feel better and smile again."

The Leader: Keegen and mum, Kayleigh, at the Racecourse on Sunday. Keegen and mum, Kayleigh, at the Racecourse on Sunday. (Image: User generated content)

She added: "One thing Keegen said last night was 'I wish my Dad was here but I knew he is with me at the game' - I got home and I just broke down in tears. He would have loved for his dad to be there today, but he knows he was looking down on him and I know he would be so proud of him."

Talking about what Ryan was like to spend time with, Kayleigh said: "He was amazing, he was so welcoming. He was wild when the goals were going in, he is such a genuine guy with a good heart - Keegen was in his element.

"He kept high-fiving Keegen and fist-pumping him when they scored - it was amazing and it seemed surreal standing next to him."