CarniBoar Steakhouse 

38-41 High Street, Wrexham LL13 8HY

Since this restaurant opened in July 2022, I have been desperate to try the food, having only heard good things about it from friends.

I went with a friend, who is not a big fan of red meat but had also heard good things and saw that the menu offered quite a range of different meals.

We both are big fans of the food from the Fat Boar chain anyway and were really looking forward to it.

We went in, and found that the restaurant is fairly small on the inside, but a cosy kind of small and already full of people. It was warm and welcoming.

We got our seats and ordered our drinks, red wine for me and my friend a gin, and took a look at the menu.

My friend decided on the sticky gammon which came with a poached egg and chips (£17.50). On the menu it does come with pineapple, but she doesn’t like it so asked for it without.

She was served the biggest gammon I have ever seen at a restaurant! I am not a massive fan of it myself usually, but even I was jealous of what came, it smelt amazing. She enjoyed it so much she had to leave some of her chips to finish the meat. 

The Leader: This picture doesn't do the gammon justice, it was huge!This picture doesn't do the gammon justice, it was huge! (Image: Newsquest-Leader)

I had the 8oz sirloin steak, which came with skinny fries, watercress, a grilled tomato and garlic butter mushroom. I had it medium well done (please don’t come for me rare fans!) and it was stunning, not too chewy and easy to cut.


I had also ordered peppercorn sauce to come with it and it was just creamy enough without being too heavy. In total, my meal came to £24.50, £21 for the steak and £3.50 for the peppercorn sauce.

The Leader: The 8oz sirloin steak The 8oz sirloin steak (Image: Newsquest-Leader)

Both meals were larger than we were expecting, and for the price they were impressive. We did take a look at the dessert menu but were just too full to eat anything more.

This restaurant is a great addition to the city centre, and judging by how busy it was at the time, I’m not the only one who thinks so. We did only get our table for two hours however the location makes it easy to continue a night out if you want to.

I can’t wait to go back next time and try some of the other steaks they have to offer.