A Flintshire man has described the 'frightening' moment he found two of his cars on fire outside his home, in what police are treating as arson

Mike Bennett, a Bagillt resident, was awoken by two loud bangs at around 3.15am on Monday, January 23. 

After seeing a bright light shining from outside he assumed it may have been a car burglary, however discovered that two of the three cars at his property were completely ablaze. 

Mr Bennett swung into action and called the police and the fire service.

A spokesperson at North Wales Fire and Rescue said one crew from Flint attended the scene and added: "The fire involved two vehicles with heat damage caused to a third vehicle."

Mr Bennett rushed to move the third vehicle, which had not yet caught fire, away from the other two. 

Mr Bennett said: "I ran out and moved the car as it is an electric car and I was concerned that the battery would have lit the house up."

The Leader: Photo showing damage to vehicles following car fire.Photo showing damage to vehicles following car fire. (Image: Mike Bennett)

The two cars that were on fire belonged to Mr Bennett and his wife, who were present at the property at the time, and Mr Bennett's daughter who is currently studying in Liverpool. 

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Mr Bennett said: "I was scared and panicking but I think the adreneline started to kick."

He added: "We have lived here for 30 years and I have never had any trouble, it was a really scary experience.

"I just don't understand why someone would do this."

The fire has damaged around £50,000 worth of cars as well as caused damage to the house such as to the windows and facial board. 

North Wales Police say they are treating the incident as arson. 

A spokesperson at North Wales Police said: "We were called shortly before 4am this morning (23/01) by colleagues from the Fire Service to report that two cars had been set alight in the Coleshill Fechan area of Bagillt.

"The fire is currently being treated as arson and officer enquiries are ongoing.

"Any witnesses, or anyone with information about this incident should contact the police via our website or by calling 101 and quoting crime reference 23000065254."