A litter picking group in Wrexham has collected an astonishing 110 rubbish bags around the Wrexham Maelor Hospital over two weekends. 

On Sunday, January 22, nine members of the Wrexham litter pickers group took to the grounds of Wrexham Maelor Hospital to complete the groups second litter pick as a thank you to the NHS.

In their first litter pick, on Sunday January 15 the group collected a massive 58 bin bags of litter across the site. 

In an equally sucessful outing this week, a spokesperson for the group reported via social media: "52 bags of litter picked on our group pick today, 110 bags in total now around @BetsiCadwaladr Maelor Hospital in Wrexham."

The group shared images of the rubbish bags piled high as well as images of what they believed to have been an abandoned homeless camp behind Morrisons which the group helped to clean.


A spokesperson for the group said: "Some of our members flagged to us what a mess it was around there so we decided to tackle it as a group pick event. We had also done a few picks around there previously."

The group believes keeping the environment and community clean is essential. 

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A spokesperson for the group added: "More people should think about picking up litter. There is simply too much litter around, and it needs more hands to tackle it. Picking up litter shows you care for your community and impacts the environment in a positive way and improves your mental health.

"It should be all our responsibility, not any one person or organisation, to tackle this pollution and to care for the world we live in."

Those wanting to find out more about upcoming litter picks can do so here. 

The group are currently appealing for members of the public to support the group via the Tesco community grant scheme.

Tesco Community Grants support thousands of local community projects and good causes across the UK.

The scheme is open to all registered charities and not-for-profit organisations, with priority given to projects that provide food and support to young people.

Tesco colleagues in each store will help select those needing a little help in the local area by giving customers a blue token, in any Tesco stores at the checkout, the customers can vote for their favourite charity to receive a grant.

In the Tesco store located in Wrexham customers can chose to support Wrexham Litter Pickers, Bellevue Playgroup or the Minera Community Agent. 

If voted to receive the grant Wrexham Litter Pickers plan to spend the funds on: "river cleaning activities."