WREXHAM'S co-chairman have reacted to the news that a teenager who has been battling cancer is now in remission.

In September 2022, the kindness of Ryan Reynolds left the mum of 13-year-old Aiden Waller, close to tears

Sarah Waller described the 'down-to-earth' nature of Wrexham's Hollywood owners after spending the day as a guest in their box. 

Ryan had invited Aiden and his family to join him at Wrexham's home game against Maidstone United, which ended in a 5-0 win for the Reds.

Aiden, who along with his family live in Essex, has been battling bone cancer and one of his main wishes was to meet the Deadpool star. 

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This week, mum Sarah took to Twitter to share the positive news that Aiden is now in remission.

The announcement left both Ryan and fellow Wrexham chairman Rob McElhenney delighted.

Sarah wrote: "Today (January 16), Aiden has been given the clear. He is now in remission and his lungs are stable.

"He has to have an op to stop him growing otherwise we go back to square one but otherwise excellent news :) Can't wait to get back and celebrate with you all :)"

Ryan replied: "There is no better news."

Rob added: "GREAT NEWS! Congratulations Aiden!!!!"

Rob and Ryan took over at the Racecourse in early 2021.

Since then, the club has enjoyed a major boost to its reputation with the 'Welcome to Wrexham' documentary bringing in new fans from all over the world.