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I went to the award-winning Ijazz to see what makes it North Wales' restaurant of the year.

Ijazz in Wrexham has recently been named North Wales restaurant of the year again at the National Curry Awards.

The restaurant has also previously won the Asian Curry Award for best Indian restaurant in Wales in 2018 and 2019.

I went with my family and we sat in the restaurant which was fairly busy for a weekday.  We started off with a poppadom each (90p), which I have with the mango chutney. They came out very quickly and were tasty.

The Leader: The poppadoms The poppadoms (Image: Newsquest)

Then, I had the onion bhajis (£4.25). They serve four on a plate (I got a bit excited and almost forgot to take a photo) and I really liked the texture of them because they were soft as opposed to crunchy like some restaurants serve. 

The Leader: The bhajis (minus one because I ate it)The bhajis (minus one because I ate it) (Image: Newsquest)


Something you should know about me is that I love spicy food - a lot! So, naturally, I ordered a chicken Madras (£8.45 ) with plain naan (£2.80) as my main. My family, who also love spicy food, all also ordered a madras, to the shock of the waiter, though everyone else has pilau rice (£2.85) with theirs.

The Leader: The madras curry The madras curry (Image: Newsquest)

The portion size was just right in my opinion, manageable. The chicken was nice and soft and although this wasn’t the hottest madras I’ve ever had, again it was an enjoyable heat and incredibly tasty. I don’t normally manage to finish a curry, but I couldn’t leave any, and my naan was lovely and soft to go with it.

The Leader: The food altogether The food altogether (Image: Newsquest)

I’ll be honest, it was one of the nicest curries I’ve ever had. Everything was full of flavour and for me, loving spicy food doesn’t mean that it has to make my eyes and nose run when it's as tasty as this curry was.

To end, we were given a free shot each of what I think was Tia Maria, which was a nice (and welcome) surprise.

The pricing was fair for what we had, and the staff was incredibly helpful which really makes the experience.

I would highly recommend this restaurant to any curry fan, or anyone wanting to try something new. Personally, I can’t wait to go back!