Mexican Wave 

6 Rhos Rd


Colwyn Bay

LL28 4PP


Tel: 01492 546179

I tried spicy Mexican street food from a takeaway in Rhos-on-Sea, and it might be my new favourite cuisine from a takeaway in North Wales.

While on a walk down the promenade in the sun, I came across a takeaway called Mexican Wave which was just opening its doors for the day.

Mexican Wave is situated just off the promenade and clearly popular. There were a few people in front of us as we looked at the menu, which is short and simple, but when we walked to a bench on the front to eat our food, the queue had gotten long enough to go down the road.

We soon discovered that the menu was short because the takeaway works in a ‘pick your own’ style, meaning that you pick everything that goes on or in your meal.

You start off with your meal, then your sauce, and then you pick your toppings, and I love this system as absolutely none of your food goes to waste if you’re a bit picky with your toppings, and if you don’t like spicy, you don’t get spicy.

My parents and I all like our spicy food, so this takeaway seemed like a great idea, and we were not wrong.

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I ordered a chicken burrito with bandito sauce, the hottest they had. In it, I had spicy rice, spicy beans, jalapeños, salad, cheese, and just about anything else they offered. I’ll admit, I was worried that for the price of £10.45 for just a burrito on its own I was worried that it might be a bit overpriced, but what I was served was the biggest burrito I have ever seen in my life. No joke.

The Leader: The burrito (look at the size compared to my arm!)The burrito (look at the size compared to my arm!)

Both my parents ordered a chimichanga box with spicy beef and chipotle sauce, the second to last hottest sauce which was £11.45 each. It came with nacho cheese sauce and they ordered the same toppings I had.

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Their rice was served to the side rather than in and their meal was more photogenic than mine, though in my opinion takeaways are often all about taste, not looks, and this style of food is never going to look the best, but it certainly tasted it.

The Leader: A chimichanga box with chipotle sauce and nacho cheese A chimichanga box with chipotle sauce and nacho cheese

I failed to finish my burrito, and I had to eat it with a fork because it was too big to take a bite out of. Not that that is a bad thing at all! The portion size was 100% value for money, and I think this takeaway is a new favourite of mine.

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All three of us thought that the food tasted incredible and left wondering when we would be visiting again for another one.

I recommend this takeaway to anyone who wants to try something different and regardless of what you pick to go on, you still get a full-of-flavour meal.

Mexican Wave can be found on Uber Eats here: