Connah's Quay residents have expressed frustration after having several pumpkins destroyed across the town.

All Hallows Eve may bring about the ghosts, ghouls, witches and cats but in this Flintshire village the night brought a trail of pumpkin destruction by vandals.

Bethan Owen, a Connah's Quay resident was targetted by the vandals who not only destroyed her carved pumpkins but also threw them at her front door. 

In other news: 

She said: "I had just settled down for the night and heard a loud bang on the door around 10pm which woke my son up, I instantly knew it was some form of vandalism.

"It’s just very disheartening for the people who make an effort for the children with Halloween decorations and now we’re having to clean the mess up caused by anti-social behaviour."

Bethan was not the only resident that had their pumpkins smashed with another resident stating that it had happened to them whilst they were out trick or treating. 

Pumpkin vandalism was not the only trickery of the evening with multiple residents who left baskets of sweets outside the door claiming that they had all sweets taken by one or two children.