THE latest episode of Welcome to Wrexham has landed and, as always, it's a cracker.

This week, viewers of the gripping Disney Plus series are treated to a special hour-long episode instead of the usual two episodes which are being released every Thursday.

Welcome to Wrexham follows the football club's takeover by Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney.

But, it also shines a spotlight on the die-hard Reds fans living in the local community.

In the latest episode, Rob and Ryan finally touch down in Wrexham for the first time since completing their takeover in early 2021.

Here's just a glimpse of what you can expect to see in episode nine...

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'Now that's a stadium'

The Leader: Arron EvansArron Evans

PIC: Wrexham AFC's Racecourse ground.

Rob and Ryan finally get to see the Racecourse in person and are taken aback by it.

Deadpool star Ryan admits to being 'actually really moved' by the occasion as his family FaceTime him to get in on the action.

And there's a few 'wows' thrown in there from Rob too!

The stunning Turf Wall

It's an iconic part of Wrexham culture these days and the wall at the Turf is given its moment in the spotlight - and quite rightly so - in episode nine.

The red-brick wall features the names of over 100 local people and is later signed by both Rob and Ryan during their visit to the pub to meet much-loved landlord Wayne Jones.

'Massive hype' on display in town

The Leader:

PIC: Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney

Chaos ensues as the club's famous owners finally land in Wrexham.

From meeting Mad4Movies owner Rob Clarke and joking about how bad the Green Lantern film is to signing a dog's coat, it's a busy day on the streets of Wrexham for Rob and Ryan.

Hundreds of people turned out to meet the pair as the buzz around the town is clear to see.

Club volunteer Annette Gardner sums it up perfectly by saying - 'It's now cool to be a Wrexham fan'.

Beers, beers and more beers (and then some shots!)

Rob and Ryan are well and truly taught the Wrexham way of life when they arrive at the Turf.

First they meet Leader reporter Rich Williams for a chat and then they talk to some of the fans - including Annette again - who are very open and honest about what parts of the takeover they are not happy with.

That then ends with some beers and shots with club supporters at the end of the night, leading to a 'very hungover' Rob and an 'absurdly hungover' Ryan on day two's business meeting in the next clips.

Rob's on the scoresheet!

Episode nine also sees the Holywood duo meet their players for the first time during a training session at the Racecourse.

Rob dons a Wrexham shirt and Paul Mullin's boots as he gets the chance to take (and score!) a penalty against Rob Lainton.

Ryan tells him he'll 'dine on that for the rest of your life'.

Top tier quotes galore

It wouldn't be an episode of Welcome to Wrexham without some iconic quotes from someone along the way.

Two of our favourites from this one include Ryan saying that there is an 'inexhaustible well-spring of story-telling at this club' when talking at a fans forum for Wrexham supporters.

Rob also provides a fantastic line of his own ahead of the Torquay United game as he says "I just want to be at the Racecourse, I want to drink Wrexham Lager and I want to watch the Reds with 10,000 Welsh people."