Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds say they can't wait for 'the town' to watch their upcoming Welcome to Wrexham documentary. 

The documentary, which tells the story of the two becoming owners of Wrexham and the trials and tribulations since, is set to premiere on Disney+ on Thursday (August 25).

The Hollywood pair were in town at the weekend where they saw Phil Parkinson's side 5-0 dismantling of Maidstone at the Racecourse.

Rob had been in town a little longer than Ryan, as he watched the Reds' defeat at Chesterfield and took part in a memorial golf day with a number of past and present players. 

But Ryan was certainly excited to be back in Wrexham, he said: "It feels good to be back. Every single time, without fail, walking in… goosebumps. It happens the second you walk out onto that pitch and look at this gorgeous church of a stadium.

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"This has only gotten richer for me; I won’t speak for Rob, but this whole experience, this community, this Club is really in my cells and my DNA now. I wish I could have been back here on August 6 but this was the earliest I could get here and I’ve been champing at the bit to get here."

Close to 10,000 were packed inside the Racecourse to watch the convincing win, which again highlighted the remarkable Reds support, something Rob and Ryan are familiar with. 

Rob said: "I don’t know if it’s surprising, but I can tell you that the welcome we’ve received over the last year has just been overwhelming. I expected people to be open at least, but they’ve ended up embracing us with their full hearts and I know that goes a long way for us.

Ryan added: "Yeah, even on the matches that don’t necessarily turn out the way we want them to, I think they feel the spirit that’s imbued into everything we’re trying to do with this Club, and frankly everything they’re trying to do.

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"Rob and I both get emotional when the Club hasn’t performed the way we wanted but the fans are there at the end, staying late and clapping or cheering on the team. It makes you want to cry, it’s a profoundly emotional experience."

With the documentary just days away from the premiere, the pair also discussed their feelings on the long-awaited Welcome to Wrexham show. 

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Rob said: "I’m excited! I’m really proud of the show and think it turned out great. I think it’s exciting, I think it’s emotional, I think it’s really funny, but the beating heart at the centre of it is the town. I hope, more than anything, that the town watches and enjoys it as much as we do.

Ryan added: "I think there’s a sense that we caught as much as possible, the spirit of this community and this Club, and what it means to them. It’s pretty evident in the show and I’m excited for folks to see it. I’m excited for people to be introduced to Wrexham all over the world – certainly, we want people in Wrexham to see the show, but for people to be watching this in Canada, where I’m from, of Philly, it’s pretty remarkable."

The full interview can be watched here