THE iconic landmark of Waterworld in Wrexham has been home to countless hours of fun and memories for generations across the region.

Recently, staff at the leisure centre came across a series of photos from some of the early years of the facility, including its initial creation, shared with the Leader by Craig Heard, Freedom Leisure marketing manager Wrexham.

It finally opened to the public in May 1970, with its distinctive hyperbolic paraboloid roof, having cost £400,000 (which isn't far off £7million in today's money). Incidentally, the town's Tuttle Street baths, which opened in 1901, had cost £9,985 (almost £1.5million today).

The Leader covered the celebrated occasion with a four-page special.

Waterworld's first paying member of the public to take a dip was 18-year-old Gareth Williams, from Rhosddu.

Many visitors expressed their approval to the Leader at the time, with John Andrews, from Borras Park declaring: "They are absolutely wonderful. They are a credit to the town. You don't mind paying higher rates when baths like this are built."

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The Queen visited the site in March 1998, when she officially reopened Waterworld after a huge refurbishment.

More works were undertaken when Freedom Leisure took over in 2016.

The centre is still hugely popular, and an integral part of the surround community and beyond.

Waterworld general manager Felicity Griffiths said: "Wrexham Waterworld is a fantastic facility right in the centre of town. It is accessible to everyone wanting to exercise and try out a new sport, or simply be part of and enjoy the social wellbeing of its community.

"Leisure facilities play a key role throughout people’s lives, whether learning to swim, one of the most valuable skills anyone can learn or, exercising to maintain your health and wellbeing.

"Waterworld recently held an open weekend and welcomed all of the community to try out its activities, which included fitness sessions and the exciting pool inflatable run. It was a wonderful success, seeing regular and new faces in the facility.

"We hope this has encouraged more people to visit Waterworld and develop healthy lifestyles, keeping leisure at the heart of Wrexham."