Long before I could swim (I didn't learn until I was about 11-years-old) I still absolutely loved being in the water.

One of the best places ever as a child was the outdoor swimming pool on the RAF base my dad was stationed at in Germany.

It seemed every summer was long, hot and filled with fun.

And it was here I built my confidence - jumping off the high board, diving in poolside, keeping my eyes open under water.

For our corner of the world, we are blessed with stunning beaches, miles of coastline that have played home for the day to many of us.

Whether it's Rhyl, Talacre, Llandudno or Anglesey, most will have at the very least paddled in the sea.

There was of course a time when an outdoor pool or lido, for swimming or paddling, was all the rage. Even Loggerheads had a paddling pool!

Or maybe a lake was where you were lucky enough to learn how to shed your water wings.

Wherever you made a splash, it's where you will no doubt have made countless memories too.

Maybe you remember learning to swim, your first dip or perhaps you were a medal-winning water baby!

If you would like to share any swimming memories, you can do so here or email claire.pierce@newsquest.co.uk

We asked members of the Leader's 'Local Bygones' group on Facebook, when and where they learned to swim, with many starting out in the baths on Tuttle Street in Wrexham.

Here are just a few of those who shared their memories...

John Davies: "About 10-years-old, in Buckley baths."

Hughes Kenny: "I learned to swim in the old Wrexham baths. There were two pools, I remember one was always warmer than the other. Hot chocolate drink when we where leaving."

Rob Richardson: "Connah's Quay swimming baths in 1967."

Ron Unsworth: "Tuttle Street baths at the age of 10 - bus fare, egg and chips and coffee with change out of 2 bob."

Dave Denoven: "Tuttle Street about six-years-old. Two elder brothers chucked me in deep end and said 'sink or swim'."

Alan Salisbury: "About seven or eight I think, in the small pool in the baths on Bodhyfryd."

Christopher Adams: "In the River Alyn, at Daisy Bank."

Jo-Anne Bidmead: "My mum used to work there (Wrexham Baths). She was the lady selling you the ticket as you went in at the turnstile, so I was about six-years-old when I learnt to swim. My dad taught swimming lessons, so probably taught some of the people who went."

Karen Weir: "Wrexham swimming baths with the school, 1970s I think."

Catherine Jones: "I was nine, and learned to swim at Buckley baths. I'm 63 now and still love swimming."

Tony Cooke:"Seven or eight in Tuttle Street, very fond memories but in reality it was freezing at weekends."

Melissa Gough: "I was five and at Plas Madoc swimming baths."

Carol Anne Matthias: "I was 10-years-old at the old Wrexham baths in Tuttle Street."

Shirley Williams: "Five, in Wrexham baths about 61 years ago. Boys had one pool, girls the other. And you had to wear a bathing cap!"

Steve Tilston:"Nine or 10-years-old, Tuttle Street. We also cycled to Holt and swam across to Farndon, a summertime swim."

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