BERWYN BOOK SHOP co-owner, Adam Littler has reflected on the progress made since last year’s devastating fire.

Berwyn Book shop was completely decimated last November with over 50 firefighters called to the scene on Buckley Industrial Estate following a mass blaze which destroyed over 400,000 books.  

In the months since the fire, Adam said: “It has been a whirlwind over the last few months.

"We’ve mentioned it before, but I don’t think it can be emphasised enough, just how appreciative we are of the support and help received from local businesses, members of the community and even distinguished authors such as Clare Mackintosh and Simon McCleave. Without this support, we would not have been able to move so quickly, and in fact, possibly at all.

The Leader: Owners, Adam Littler and Emma Littler.Owners, Adam Littler and Emma Littler.

“Getting the business up and running has not been without its challenges; from the early stages of storage issues to the day-to-day time management of running a business, studies, and family life, but it is this support which has provided us with an additional motivation to keep going, and drive forwards."

In February, the store opened at its new premises at Caffi Isa community centre, in Mynydd Isa.


Adam added: “The location of our new premises is fantastic – and whilst in terms of our space, it is much smaller than the previous business’, we have found a home in the centre of a fantastic community, and that is completely down to Caffi Isa, and Sara Parker (director at Caffi Isa).

The Leader:

“Our original idea was not to re-open immediately with a bricks and mortar shop. Initially, the plan was to be purely internet-based as a starting point, however when the opportunity arose to move in here, it just made sense.

“Since then, I feel we have truly embraced the community-focused culture of both Caffi Isa and the village itself, and Emma and I are proud that our little shop has been welcomed by the people of Mynydd Isa."