A WALL in tribute to the victims of the Gresford Disaster is now complete and ready to be officially unveiled to the public later this year.

Work on placing bricks onto the memorial wall at Wrexham Miners Rescue Station began in June.

Each year, a memorial service is held for those who lost their lives in the disaster which occurred on September 22, 1934.

On that same date in 2022, the station will be unveiling its wall which is made up of the bricks containing the names, job titles and ages of the 266 miners who lost their lives on that fateful day.

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Local artist Sylvia Massey has also been working on her own installation for the Gresford Mining Disaster exhibit - by placing 266 wooden discs, each one with a miners initials on, next to the wall.

The wall was officially complete on July 18 ahead of its unveiling in two months time.

George Powell, who purchased the station from its previous owner around eight years ago, said: "The Gresford Miners Memorial Wall is complete. It will now be covered and officially opened on September 22.

"Work on the rest of the memorial will continue over the next two months. Anyone wishing to get involved in the memorial project should call in at the Miners Rescue Station."