A BARRIER from the famous 'Kop' at Wrexham AFC's Racecourse ground has been donated to the Miners Rescue Station in order to help tell an important tale.

Each year, locals do their bit to remember those who lost their lives in the Gresford Mining Disaster which occurred on September 22, 1934.

On that same date in 2022, the Miners Rescue Station in Wrexham will be unveiling a memorial wall made up of bricks containing the names, job titles and ages of the 266 miners who lost their lives on that fateful day.

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The wall will be placed at the main entrance to the station and following the annual memorial service in Gresford itself on the day, guests will be invited to attend the unveiling of the wall at the station.

Now, to go along with that display, the barrier from the Kop will stand proudly beside it.

It was delivered to the station by Wrexham-based firm AEC Engineering and will serve in memory of the 266 men who lost their lives.

It will also act as part of the story of the men who changed shifts to be able to go and watch Wrexham take on Tranmere the following day.

It was said to be busier than usual as many of the miners were 'doubling up' their shifts so they would be free to watch the Wrexham match on Saturday afternoon.

The Leader: Gresford Disaster MemorialGresford Disaster Memorial

A statement from the station team read: "Thank you for supporting the memorial to the Miners who lost their lives in the Gresford mining disaster. This will be part of the story of the men who changed shifts so they could go to the Wrexham v Tranmere match."

The Wrexham Warehouse Project supports young people, including care leavers and adults with learning disabilities.

In 2020, the group moved into the derelict and partly demolished Miners Rescue Station building on Maesgwyn Road.

Since then, they have been hosting a number of events, including for Halloween and Christmas, on site to raise funds for their ambitions to re-build the site whilst also keeping its 'uniqueness'.

It was originally built for the purpose of training a coal mining rescue team. The Wrexham Warehouse Project now aims to 'save a building, built to save people'.