LEADER readers have been sending in their thoughts following the announcement that residential areas in Wales are set to move to a 20mph speed limit in 2023.

Wales is set to become the first country in the UK to introduce a default 20mph limit.

That comes after Senedd members voted 39 to 15 to approve the Welsh Government's bid to roll out the law on all residential roads on Tuesday, July 12.

The plans faced great opposition, particularly after it was first piloted in the Buckley area earlier this year.

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Minister for Climate Change, Julie James said the order is set to come into force on September 17, 2023.

She added: "The evidence shows us that moving to a national 20mph speed limit for restricted roads would make them safer, save lives and encourage more of us to walk and cycle. 

"This is not a blanket 20mph change and we are working with local authorities to identify potential roads that speed limits will be reduced to 20mph and those that should remain at 30mph."

Now, after plans were granted, our readers have continued to voice their frustrations over the scheme - and they certainly weren't sitting on the fence about the matter as there were few in support.

Cefyn Hughes said: "They have trialed this in Buckley - don't know anyone who has agreed with it so where do they get their stats from?"

The Leader:

PIC: 20mph zone plans have faced great opposition.

Kevin Holland added: "Well done.....tourism will completely collapse now and nobody will go into town either. I can just see the tumble weed."

Peter Morris told us: They don’t enforce the 20 and 30 mph zones that are already in place due to lack of Police. In order to slow drivers down where children are at risk, the council need to install proper means of slowing cars down.

"The speed ramps we have in our village are a joke and can be straddled by most cars. Total waste of money."

Scott David Williams said: "Most modern cars come with state of the art safety devices such as automatic breaking if it detects a person in the road. Cars are almost self driven now so going all draconian with lower speed limits is not the way forward."

Scott Rogers said: "Be some high emissions with everyone going round in first gear."

Pete Roberts simply said: "Ridiculous but not suprising."

Adam Williams added: "Time for everyone to buy a bike."