LEADER readers have been giving their views on plans to introduce 20mph speed limit zones across Wales.

Last week, we shared a story on how Public Health Wales (PHW) believes that lowering the default speed limit to 20mph could have substantial health benefits.

The Welsh Government says it is 'still learning' from the 20mph pilot in Buckley and other areas as they prepare for the national rollout.

The Government confirmed there have been discussions with Flintshire Council in relation to the pilot in Buckey, which has proven unpopular among residents due to ongoing issues.

But, according to PHW, evidence shows that not only will 20mph reduce the risk of traffic crashes, it can also help people feel safer to walk and cycle more.

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Our readers have since been sharing their views on the plans. Here's what they had to say ...

Andrew Lindop said: "I am 100% behind the 30mph limit, I stick to it and I am overtaken aggressively and tailgated every single day in Connah's Quay.

"I do not however accept this stupid 20mph idea and suggest every single driver ignore it, if every driver in Wales fails to comply the judicial nightmare will soon put an end to this ridiculous plan, outside schools no issues but driving through Shotton at midnight, nothing in front or behind for a mile and doing 20?? are they having a laugh? No chance!"

Gareth Gealy said: "No consideration taken regarding the extra pollution when the vehicle is stuck in a lower gear. Soon we'll have to wear full face respirators when walking along the B5129 Chester Road with the amount of vehicles that use it to either visit various factories on the trading estates or as a through road to Airbus."

Cat Edwards added: "Not sure where they get their data from but since the 20mph restrictions have been in place in Buckley accidents seem more frequent, emissions are higher, it takes longer to get from A to B and the stress and frustration it causes drivers is ridiculous. I'm all for it in neighbourhoods and around schools, but on main roads, it's not working."

Morgan Jones said: "It’s causing more problems than good in Buckley. And people don’t even follow the speed limit anyway as they don’t agree with it. It's as slow as a tractor going through a field digging up potatoes."

The Leader:

James P Davies said: "It's causing frustration and aggressive driving. Buckley is easily the worst place I've seen for tailgating I've come across. From my house in Buckley it's quicker now to go to Broughton Park than into town."

Others who got in touch with us did see some of the positives around sticking with a 20mph speed limit.

Di Jones said: "I can understand the 20mph limit around schools and playgrounds but for everywhere else it's unnecessary."

Allan Fellows said: "The advantages for safety are clear but I have tried driving at 20mph when it has been safe to do so and, because of the need for frequent gear changes and gentle braking my fuel consumption display showed a drop of 20 miles per gallon, with consequent harm to the environment."